Risk of Using Snow Tires

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Driving in the winter season on the ice and snow is extremely difficult and risky if you don’t have snow tires that provide equal traction and grip on the road. However, to avoid danger on the road, it is advised to install snow tires both in the back and front part of your vehicles.

As the price of the snow tires is generally higher than the standard tires, many people ask a question frequently if the tires can be installed on the front part of the back part only. Well, it can save half of the cost of installing a pair of snow wheels instead of two. But is it safe for your vehicle?

The answer is no! When it comes to safety, you should be geared with all the necessary equipment which will keep safe on the snowy terrain. Installing snow wheels on the front part of your vehicle and others on the back will make your vehicle oversteering, and you will also not be able to apply brakes when it needs.

So, you will end up leading your front tires in the wrong direction spinning the back wheels. You also won’t be able to control your vehicle at a low speed in the snow if you don’t have the full support of the snowy area.

Installing tires only on the back part of your vehicle is not safe either. Most of us think while driving, and the rear wheels play a significant role. Well, the answer might be correct. But not in the snow. For the better performance of your ATV, you should always consider having a full set of snow wheels. While the front tires might oversteer your vehicle, different back tires might understeer your vehicle.

Usually, the snow tires come with excellent traction. When you have an all-seasoned tire for a winter ride, your front tires might not get proper traction, which is essential for steer and stops. In the same way, installing back tires can lead to malfunction of the system of your vehicle. Back tires play an essential role in braking. So, getting a full set of a winter tire is vital for a safe ride on the road.

There is another side of the coin also. You can’t use the winter tires in the summer.

Winter tires are specially made for cold areas. The rubber compound of the rubber is flexible for the snow only. If you use these tires on the muddy area or sand, your vehicle might lose control.

As these tires are made for winter condition, using these in the summertime might reduce the lifespan of the tire.