What Size of ATV Winch do You Need?

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Are you confused about what size of ATV winch you need to buy? This guide will help you know what the right size for your winch ATV is. Winches are very important, and one can go wrong even if they have the right upgrades of the tire and lift kits.

Let’s begin with the rating of winch pulling power. This won’t lead you. Variants must be taken into consideration. Winches pull scores are, in a typical situation, the highest degree of a winch. One example is that winding works well with a single thread, straight pull, and cold. It also helps to drink one sheet of a winch line on a winch. A correct set-up and perfectly shaped charging system are too good.

Winches are the most powerful. They have only one layer of synthetic rope cables made of steel in the drum. It loses its pulling capacity for each additional layer on the winch around +/-  10%. The percentage can range from 8-15%, depending on different factors.

You could see a 40 percent decrease in the winch pulling power. This failure is primarily due to mechanical causes. The spool size increases as the winch gear decrease. It’s like putting big tires on your pickup. This leaves the rear gear ratios of the stock. Then you must take your winch out and hook an anchor point at a distance.

You can ensure that at least 5-10 rope wraps are left on the drum. This is done to increase the effectiveness of the winch. Alternatively, you might use a double-line pull snatch block if the anchor is too tight. This not only increases pulling power by around two times but also allows a line to roll away from the drum. This enhances the strength to draw.

Winching requires snatching blocks and fairleads. Fairleads operate by leading the cable on the winch drum. The fairlead assists as you attempt to take off a minor angle during a rescue by stopping the cable from climbing up and over the drum and winding around other sections of the winch.

While snatch blocks redirect the winch lines and double the wind power, they do not double the power. Owing to the friction forces involved, about 10% of its productivity is lost.

Although the winch line cannot be held straight, you can still try. The winch drum can be reached via the fairlead, and you can reduce the stiffness of the line on the fairlead by doing so.

Winch Size Calculator

  • Enter your GVWR.

The winch capacity should range from 6750-9000 lbs.

  • Choose a winch

For a red winch

The winch is too small It is too small

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What is GVWR?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, GVWR, is your vehicle’s maximum operating weight, including the tools, camping gear, fuel, driver, and passengers. It is also known as GVM, Gross Vehicle Mass.

You do not figure out the GVM. The manufacturer determines it. You can find it on your rig. All vehicles have the GVM marked on their body. Usually, it is a tab on the door jamb of the driver’s side. Occasionally, it is found beneath the sticker’s hood or in the user’s manual.

Despite knowing all the winch features, finding out the tight wench size for your car can be overwhelming. This is because winch ratings will never tell you to what extent the winch can pull. A weight rating is the highest capacity a winch can pull under normal conditions. Normal conditions mean a single cable with a perfect electrical system, a straight pull, and one wrap on the drum.

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Winches with Full Cable Spools Are Weak

Most winches are rated with one wrap on the drum. By this, we mean that a winch is most powerful if it has inky one wrap of synthetic cable on the drum. If your winch’s anchor is close and you have a lot of winch line on the drum, your winch might be weaker. With the first wrap of your winch cable, the winch can pull with maximum strength.

Bad Juice Equals Winch

Different factors will get rid of the power in your electric winch. Poor electrical connections, undersized cables, and underrated batteries are all factors that will drain power. Most winches will drain power and will require a specific amount of amps to operate. If you get in a difficult situation that needs recovery, old batteries, small and weak ones, will not help. The alternator will not also be of help at the moment. As your alternator recharges your battery, the winch drains it. If your alternator is large, the battery will charge from the winch; use it faster.

The Bigger, the Better

The industry standard winch is 1.5X. However, you can always pick a different winch size. You can never go wrong with a giant winch. You would not wish to have a smaller winch when you’ve centered n rocks in the canyon in a desert. The reverse could be possible. A giant winch is less likely to overheat, will not stall easily, and will take lesser time to cool down.

Size of ATV Winch for Some Other Vehicles


Make Model GVWR

Minimum Winch Size


Toyota Pickup Truck 4800 lbs 8000 lbs


Toyota 4 Runner 5330 lbs

8000 lbs


Toyota Tacoma 5350 lbs

8000 lbs


Toyota Tacoma 5600 lbs

9500 lbs


Toyota FJ Cruiser 5570 lbs

9500 lbs


Ford F250 Superman 4X4 10000 lbs

15000 lbs

2017 Jeep 4 door wrangler Rubicon 5600 lbs

9500 lbs