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A spark plug works by igniting the fuel and air mixture to start combustion that enables the engine to run effectively. It ensures a smooth operation and enables you to have an excellent driving experience when driving your vehicle. The best spark plug for ATV has a durable and robust material, optimum heat range, size, and gap style. The features enable it to start the ATV smoothly and offer value for money through its high performance.

Best Spark Plugs for ATV


This best plug offers you high-quality engine performance with low maintenance at an affordable price.


The Denso 4503 platinum TT spark plug is offering high performance and durability at a great value.


This offers an efficiency at a competitive price, making it an excellent choice for your ATV.


This is highly efficient in improving the cold start ability, heat transfer, reliability, and ignition.


6 Best Spark Plugs for ATV Review

This article will discuss the types, benefits, and editors’ choice of the best spark plug for ATV. It will also offer answers to some of the frequently asked questions on the topic. So read on to make an informed choice.

1. Denso 4504 Platinum TT Spark Plugs

The 4504 platinum spark plug is the best for ATV. It is manufactured by Denso sales California, Inc, and it lasts 100,000 miles. As a result, it offers the best performance throughout the entire period. In addition, it fits in a wide variety of vehicles and requires little to no maintenance while in use.

It is high quality and offers high levels of quality control for your ATV. They ignite the fuel or air and produce sufficient power to power your ATVs. They also offer a smooth operation and ride while restoring mileage and efficiency. When you order one package, it comes with six pieces of plugs. On Amazon, the price of one pack goes is $19.11.

What makes the Denso Platinum the best spark plug for your ATV?

  • The plug has an alumina powder insulator and platinum construction that enhance how it performs.
  • The product’s dimensions are 3.62*5.76*0.96 inches, and it weighs 0.01 ounces.
  • It has a double platinum tip that enhances its efficiency.
  • The titanium-enhanced ground electrode enables it to work for a long time.
6 PCSNEW -- DENSO #4504 PLATINUM T T Spark Plugs -- PK20TT
  • DENSOs revolutionary Twin-Tip design is a combination of highly durable precious metals-Platinum and Titanium.
  • The center electrode is created using an extremely durable platinum alloy that allows for the reduction of the tip size to 1.1mm in diameter, while maintaining the life of the plug.
  • The Titanium-enhanced alloy on the ground electrode also increases durability, which is critical to minimize tip erosion and achieve the new Twin-Tip design
  • Superior ignitability of the DENSO Platinum TT means more efficient combustion, which yields better engine performance in terms of power and fuel economy.



bottom line

The Denso Platinum TT spark plug is the best plugs that offer you high-quality engine performance with low maintenance at an affordable price.

2. Denso 4503 Platinum TT spark plug

The Denso 4503 spark plugs are a high-quality piece with a twin tip design that effectively performs. They are manufactured by Denso Sales California and are made from platinum. On Amazon, one order comes with six pieces that serve your ATV for a long time.

The plugs have a ground and center electrode that enhances its combustion enabling it to perform effectively. They are pre-gapped, and it essential to consider if the gap will align with your machine before purchasing it. Its price is $18.81, and due to its high quality, you will realize value for your money. You also get a year’s warranty when you purchase it on Amazon.

Which outstanding features make the Denso 4503 platinum plug one of the best plugs for ATV?

  • They are made from platinum which is a durable material.
  • The plugs have a twin tip design that enhances how it performs.
  • They are 3.62*5.76*0.96 inches, and they weigh 1.44 ounces.
  • They have a 1.1mm, platinum center electrode and a 1.1 mm titanium ground electrode that ensures high efficiency.
  • They are pre-gapped with a plug gap of 0.035.
  • They have machined thread that has a diameter of 14mm and a thread pitch of 1.25mm.
6 PCSNEW -- DENSO #4503 PLATINUM T T Spark Plugs -- PK16TT
  • DENSO Unique Twin-Tip Structure
  • 1.1mm platinum center electrode
  • 360 Laser welding
  • The Titanium-enhanced alloy on the ground electrode also increases durability, which is critical to minimize tip erosion and achieve the new Twin-Tip design.



bottom line

The Denso 4503 platinum TT spark plug is the best plug for your ATV offering high performance and durability at a great value.

3. NGK 3403 Platinum Spark Plug

The NGK platinum is a superior item made from platinum material. It enables the engine to rev smoothly, enabling it to sound and idle better. It performs excellently and gives you value for your money.

Its price on Amazon is $23.58, and one pack comes with eight pieces. It can cover 40k miles, and you get a year’s warranty when you purchase it. It offers the best power and efficiency to your ATV making it one of the best choices to consider for your machine. It is also compatible with several model cars.

Why is NGK platinum the best ATV spark plug?

  • It has a 0.6mm projected platinum center electrode that enables it to work efficiently.
  • The plug has metal plates that are trapezoid-shaped that provide it with its anti-rust and corrosion-free feature.
  • It has a plug space of 0.059 inches.
  • It has a triple seal that prevents leakage.
  • The NGK product’s dimensions are 3.31*0.94*6.64 inches, and it weighs 12.2 ounces.
  • It has a ground electrode made from nickel that prevents it from extinguishing.
  • The plug also has ribs that have been uneven to prevent flashover.
8 PCS NEW -- NGK 3403 G-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug TR55GP
  • Often specified as original equipment, NGK spark plugs are the best combination of performance and longevity.
  • Offering the Quality, Reliability and Durability You'd Expect from an OEM Manufacturer
  • Research applications prior to purchase to make sure this part fits your vehicle including engine, trim level & quantity needed
  • This Listing is for 8 3403 TR55 Spark Plugs



bottom line

The NGK platinum plug offers excellent high quality and efficiency at a competitive price, making it an excellent choice for your ATV.

4. Bosch 158253 OEM Platinum Spark plugs

Bosch is a recognized brand that has manufactured spark plugs for over 114 years. It has produced over 20,000 types of plugs that have been improved over time to ensure high quality. The Bosch 158253 is specifically made to prevent ignition problems of your machine. It comes in a set of six pieces for $50 on Amazon.

It is a high-quality tool that has ground electrodes that enhances its lifespan and efficiency. You can install it yourself on your ATV because it is easy to install. In addition, it improves ATV acceleration making it efficient in cold start even when the battery has a low voltage.

Why is Bosch OEM the best ATV spark plug?

  • Its dimensions are 6.38*4.17*0.91 inches, and it weighs 0.16 ounces.
  • It has a corrosion resistance firing pin base made from platinum.
  • It has a firing pin made from fine platinum wire that increases its ignitability rate.
  • The product has pre-gapped plug gaps, and it has an optimized insulator design to increase how it performs.
  • It has an enhanced and aligned ground electrode that enhances its efficiency and durability.
  • The spark plug has a fine center electrode that is welded using the wave laser welding process.
BMW Spark Plugs Platinum Plug Set Bosch OEM 158253 / FR7NP P332 (6pcs)
  • Spark Plugs
  • Ignition Parts
  • Set Of Spark Plugs 6 PIECE
  • 12120032137, 12120035915, 12122158253
  • 12 12 0 032 137,12 12 0 035 915,12 12 2 158 253



bottom line

The Bosch 158253 spark plug is highly efficient in improving the cold start ability, heat transfer, reliability, and ignition.

5. Denso 4511 Platinum TT spark plugs

The Denso 4511 is one of the best spark plugs that improves fuel economy. One pack from Amazon comes with six plug pieces for $19.10. It is a high-quality product that requires little maintenance once installed to ensure its efficiency. In addition, you can install it yourself because of its simple installation procedure that saves you cash that you would have otherwise paid the dealers.

It has a twin tip that increases the engine’s effectiveness by enabling the ATV to start quickly. It pre-gapped, and it is compatible with many vehicles. In addition, the product’s core is made of durable platinum material, enabling it to offer you value for your money.

Why is the Denso 4511 platinum TT spark plug rated as one of the best?

  • It has a gas-tight seal from its copper glass seal bond on the center electrodes and the insulator.
  • It has an alumina powder insulator that provides it with excellent dielectric strength and conductivity.
  • Its dimensions are 3.62*5.76*0.96 inches, and they weigh 0.01 ounces.
  • It is pre-gapped with a gap of 0.039 inches.
  • The spark plug has a center electrode made of platinum wire.
  • It has one ground electrode that is made from titanium alloy wire.
  • It is durable and operates effectively for 30k miles and a heat range of 16.
  • The plugs have a resistor value of 5k ohms
6 PCSNEW -- DENSO #4511 PLATINUM T T Spark Plugs -- PT16TT
  • Spark Plugs
  • DENSO # 4511 -- PT16TT
  • 1order = 6 Pieces



bottom line

The Denso 4511 Platinum TT spark plug improves fuel economy by enhancing acceleration and faster starts of your ATV.

6. Motor craft Fine wire Platinum spark plugs

A motor craft plug is an excellent tool rated as the best choice for Ford cars and trucks. It enables the ATV to have a high acceleration. It is easy to install, and it requires little to no maintenance once it has been installed. One pack comes with six pieces for $36.16.

It is high-grade equipment that fixes fuel mileage, poor performance, and hesitation often experienced by ATV owners. They are compatible with various vehicles and engines, making them an excellent choice for your machine. In addition, their durability enables you to realize the value of your money.

What makes the motor craft spark plugs the best for your ATV?

  • They are made of platinum material
  • The item dimension is 9.5*9.5*0.5 inches, and it weighs 12 ounces.
  • They are pre-gapped, and the gaps can be adjusted to suit your ATV.
  • They have a projected center electrode made from platinum that enhances acceleration.
  • The plugs have a ground electrode that reduces the rate of quenching.
New OEM Finewire Platinum Spark Plugs Set of 6
  • Cadillac Seville
  • Cadillac DeVille
  • Ford Taurus
  • Chevrolet Cavalier
  • Mazda B3000



bottom line

The new OEM platinum spark plug improves your ATVS acceleration through its excellent performance.


Benefits of Spark Plugs

The following are the benefits of the different types of spark plugs that you should know about;

  • Spark plugs, especially those made from iridium, require less voltage to fire, thus lowering emissions and better combustion.
  • New ones reduce the amount of time need to start your vehicle, thus improving fuel efficiency. Old and worn-out ones case high fuel combustion, which requires a lot of voltage to start.
  • They help decrease the number of exhaust emissions. It is a result of the decrease in misfires due to old and written-off.
  • New ones maximize the engine’s combustion, thereby increasing acceleration and response in the event of an increase in speed.
  • A good, new and healthy plug also helps to ignite the engine to improve the combustion process, thereby allowing for a smooth ride.
  • Every time a car misfires, its ability to utilize fuel efficiently reduces by thirty percent. There’s a need to replace old ones with new ones that can help improve the fuel economy.
  • The item generally contributes to the overall health of your ATV. It helps reduce the risk of damage to the engine’s other components.

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Types of Spark plugs

Spark plugs vary depending on the type of material used to make them. There are five types made from different materials, including copper, platinum, double-platinum, iridium, and double iridium materials.


Even though not commonly used today, copper plugs were the first to be used in machines. However, platinum plug type soon replaced it due to their efficiency and life span.


The new platinum spark plugs, unlike their predecessor, offer enhanced performance and improved fuel efficiency. They are also cheaper than iridium plugs, and you save on some cash since they last longer than the copper core plugs.


As the name suggests, the double-platinum core is the enhanced version of the single platinum plugs. As a result, their fuel efficiency is far enhanced than copper and single platinum plugs combined, and they last longer.


The type of material used to make iridium plugs have improved technology, improving mileage and efficiency, making them more reliable. Due to their diverse ability, they do not come cheap, but they will be worth every coin if you choose them for your ATV.


Double iridium spark plugs provide high engine performance than all the other four types combined. In addition, the two discs capsuled in the plug provide firepower for all types of weather, making it ideal for off-road cars.


What are the symptoms of a faulty spark plug?

Various symptoms indicate that the plug is faulty, and they include:

  • Lack of acceleration occurs when the accelerator loses its sensitivity and becomes unresponsive. It would be best if you changed them to enhance your ATV acceleration.
  • Machine misfiring is a symptom of a faulty product that causes high emissions and an uncomfortable jerky ride.
  • High fuel consumption by your ATV is another symptom that the product is faulty and needs to be replaced.
  • Other than the common symptoms of trouble starting your machine like a flat battery or low fuel, a faulty plug is the other reason why your car is not starting.
  • Engines surging occurs when it is not working as it should. It sucks more air than it needs is another symptom of a fault. It causes your vehicle to start and stop uncontrollably.
  • A rough idle that causes vibrations in the ATVs is yet another symptom. If not corrected, these symptoms could cause damage to the car.

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Top Brands

There are three leading tp brands that produce high perforce spark plugs recognized worldwide. They include:

  • ACDelco produces superior plugs of different types. Grand Blanc owns it since its establishment in 1916.
  • Bosch is another top brand that Robert Bosch founded in 1886. It is well recognized for producing a variety of the best quality plugs.
  • The third is NGK, whose headquarters are in Japan. Since 1936, it is well known for producing a variety of plugs.


Inquiries - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the answers to your frequently asked questions on spark plug for ATV.

How can you determine whether your spark plugs are at their optimal temperature?

You can always see and tell if it is working at optimum temperature by checking the color of the insulator tip.

If it has a light gray tan, then it indicates that it is working at optimum temperature.

If you see the color change to dark blackish coloring, it indicates low combustion, an enormous gap, or a cold heat range. It shows that it is not operating at the right temperature.

You will know that it is overheating when you see a glossy appearance due to the melting of the insulating tip.

Wet deposits on the insulator tip are a sign of oil leakage. Low fuel quality and breached head gasket.

Yellowish-brown deposits on the insulator nose indicate a lead foul.

When it comes to spark plugs, how long do they last?

How long it lasts depends on the proper functioning of the engine. If it functions at its best, it will last 20,000-30,000. Averagely in a year, the mileage is 13,474 miles, and this enables the product to last for 1.5 to 2.5 years.

How often should I replace my spark plugs?

A high-quality product should serve for 30,00- 90,000 miles before being replaced. However, it would be best to consult with your deal on the specifics of your machine and which spark plug works best for it. Selecting the best for your ATVs will enable you to realize value for your cash while offering high performance.

Will the check engine light turned on by a faulty spark plug?

A faulty product will cause your check lights to turn on. It triggers the light to either illuminate or flash to indicate catastrophic misfires in the machine when it misfires. It would be best to change them to prevent damages like overheating and lead fouling.

What if your spark plugs are not replaced?

Like any other product, they also deteriorate with time, making them unable to generate the required spark to start the ATV. The incomplete air and fuel mixture leads to loss of power and eventually complete engine failure.

Is it better to use hot or cold spark plugs?

Please use a cold compared to a hot one. The cold spark plug will only cause the machine to foul, whereas the hot one will cause severe damages to your ATVs.

Is there a shelf life for unopened spark plugs?

There is no shelf life for an unopened product because they do not have fillers that expire after five years.

Final Verdict


Before buying a spark plug for your ATV, ensure you evaluate one compatible with your engine. Different plugs work best for different vehicles. Next, consider an efficient product that will enable you to realize value for your expenditure.

I wish you the best of luck as you make an informed decision that will make you proud.


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