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The best gun racks for ATV ensures proper safety and protection to your guns no matter how rough the terrain is. Firearms need to be dealt with delicately and cautiously. That is why it is essential to ensure maximum protection to the firearms while transporting them to one place from another, especially on rough terrains.

Best Gun Racks for Atv


It features a rigid polyethylene made shell designed to protect your gun from any adverse condition.


This carrier features three large pockets for your convenience to carry extra ammunition.


This features a 360-degree rotation to give you the freedom to adjust the clamps according to your gear.


The incredible flexibility of this rack helps you to carry tools other than guns.

Best Gun Racks for Atv

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5 Best Gun Racks for Atv

People use ATVs for so many purposes. Many people like to go on exploring the trails and tracks and at the same time enjoy hunting on their ATVs. As we all know, there is not much space on ATVs to carry stuff that you can do on regular vehicles. If you are carrying firearms, they should be held securely.

Where many people think they can easily carry their guns in gun cases; but it is not the same for the ATV rides. On ATV rides, you don’t have enough space on the vehicle, neither can you carry it in your hand while driving. Moreover, on the rough terrain, hilly tracks, going through the way your firearms are usually exposed to the open. The vibration while driving might damage the guns.

ATV gun racks absorb the shock and vibration of the ride to keep your guns protected, help them to remain stable on the ride. The best gun holders for ATV ensure your firearms remains in the same angle and position without any damage, no matter how rough the terrain is.

Here in this article, I am going to brief all the details you require to know to make the right choice for purchasing the best ATV gun racks.

1. Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case

The Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case is not precisely a rack but is one of the most popular of its kind. This gun holder is compatible with any ATV or UTV. It can carry and support almost any left and right-hand bolt action rifles and shotguns. You can also hold rifles with high mount scopes and up to 50mm objectives. It features a rigid polyethylene made shell designed to protect your gun from any adverse condition. The inner body of the case has a soft lining, which ensures extra care. It has an integrated handle to carry your gun around. You can easily mount it on tubular racks, to the front or back of your vehicle. Excitingly, you get all the necessary mounting accessories with your purchase.

Black Boar ATV Gun Holder Case with Integrated Carry-Handle and Affixed Soft-Sided Inner Liner, Stores and Protects Most Rifles, Mounting Hardware Included...
  • Stores and protects most rifles - including scoped guns with high mounts and up to 50mm objectives
  • Integrated carry-handle and affixed soft-side inner liner accommodates left or right hand firearms
  • All mounting hardware included and bolts to the tubular racks on the front or back of your ATV/UTV
  • Measures 53. 5"L x 15. 5"H x 5. 25"D
  • Constructed of durable polyethylene and is dust and water resistant



bottom line

It features a rigid polyethylene made shell designed to protect your gun from any adverse condition.

2. Classic Accessories Quadgear Black UTV Double Gun Carrier

The Classic Accessories Quadgear is more of a gun bag than a gun rack. This carrier can hold two rifles or shotguns at a time. It can comfortably be installed on most UTVs, especially Polaris, Kawasaki, and Yamaha models from 2015 and older. The carrier features high-quality, heavy-duty ProtekX6 fabric, which functions excellent under rough conditions. The fabric provides protection from inclement weather and also prevents your gun from getting rusty or damaged. There are pockets with zippers on each side of the bag to hold the guns. This gun carrier also features three large pockets for your convenience to carry extra ammunition and other necessary gears. You can attach this carrier to the roll cage on the back of your UTV quite easily. It comes with durable straps and buckles to help you with easy installing and releasing.

Classic Accessories QuadGear UTV Double Gun Carrier, Black
  • Fits most UTV Roll Cages (2015 models and older), Gun Carrier measures 53"W x 4"D x 17"H
  • Great fit for Polaris, Yamaha and Kawasaki UTVs (2015 models and older)
  • Heavy duty ProtekX6 fabric with water resistant backing and exterior coating for maximum weather and abrasion protection
  • One rifle or shotgun fits in each side
  • Three large gear pockets for extra shells or other items



bottom line

This carrier features three large pockets for your convenience to carry extra ammunition.

3. All-Rite Products Pack Rack Plus- Gun & Bow Rack for ATVs and Bikes

The All Rite Pack Plus rack for ATVs and bikes is a low-weight universal rack. You can comfortably use it to mount your long guns, bows, fishing rods, shovels, etc., while you are riding. The steel core and high-quality aluminum enhance the durability of the mounting blocks. The core is covered with soft rubber that will provide you extra safety. The clamps of the block are made out of cushioned rubber with short and long rubber fins attached alternatively. This mechanism ensures a secured fit for all kinds of gears you want to carry. The rack features a 360-degree rotation to give you the freedom to adjust the clamps according to your gear. The mounting of these racks is very easy as these can be installed on any railings or bars with a diameter of 0.5-1.0 inch. You will be provided u-shaped steel bolts to mount these racks. You will also find rubber straps to attach with the clamps for better safety of your gear. 

Pack Rack Plus - Gun & Bow Rack for ATVs and Bikes - Model PRP1
  • UNIVERSAL - Rack can be used on ATVS, bicycles, shooting carts and treestands to carry rifles, shotguns, bows, fishing rods, shovels as well as other gear and tools
  • ROTATE - Full 360-Degree rotation will custom fit different sized objects by simply twisting the holder and locking the wing nut
  • METAL COMPONENTS - Internal steel core covered in soft rubber and high quality aluminum mounting blocks make a durable product that is built to last
  • CUSHION - Rubber fins cushion and grip item being carried; Alternating long and short rubber fins provide a perfect fit
  • SECURE - Blocks mount to handlebars and any tubular/square bars or railings ½” to 1” in diameter with steel u-bolts; Rubber straps attach over holders so you won’t lose them and provide added security



bottom line

This features a 360-degree rotation to give you the freedom to adjust the clamps according to your gear.

4. ATV Tek FFG2 Flexgrip Pro Double Rider Gun/Bow/Tool Rack

The ATV Tek FFG2 Flexgrip rack is a high-quality product to serve your purpose. It comes with four clamps attached to the mounting block and allows you to carry two guns or a gun and a bow at the same time. This features horizontal mounting, which can be tricky. But with an additional 16” space on the sides, you can easily place your gears once the rack is mounted. Tubular mounting is definitely going to provide you excellent mount and versatility. The incredible flexibility of this rack helps you to carry tools other than guns. The rack has adjustable knobs attached for quick and easy installation and release. Its sturdy construction eliminates shocks and vibrations. That will keep your gun and vehicle both protected from any damage while driving.   

ATV Tek FFG2 FlexGrip Pro Double Rider Gun/Bow/Tool Rack
  • Provides an additional 16” of side-to-side, horizontal adjustment, once the rack is mounted.
  • A truly custom fit from your gun, soft gun case, bow, fishing rods, or any other item using the patented compartments that have been engineered into the FlexGrip line of products.
  • New and improved tubular and composite mounting system offers effortless installation, versatility and a rock solid mount.
  • Finger adjustable knobs allow for quick, tool-free adjustments.
  • Larger in size and designed to isolate recoil and vibration to protect your gear while on the trail!



bottom line

The incredible flexibility of this rack helps you to carry tools other than guns. The rack has adjustable knobs attached for quick and easy installation and release. 

5.ATV Tek VFG1 V-Grip Single Rider Gun/Bow/Tool Rack

This single carrier gun rack is one the best ATV Tek because of its specialized design. They used SmartBlock mounting technology for this product, and that will allow you to mount this rack easy to any tubular railings with 0.5-1.25 inches diameter. It is custom fit for guns, bows, and other tools, but you can only carry one. The mounting becomes effortless with the V-grip rack mounting system. There is an adjustable knob that eases the attachment and detachment. The design also eliminates recoils and shocks for better protection. The clamps can perform 360-degree rotation. You can attach a rubber strap, which will make sure of more safety. This product is made out of high-quality corrosion-resistant material for extra durability. You will also find the necessary tools to operate this gear with the package. 

ATV TEK, VFG1, V-Grip Mounting Rack for Gun, Bow, Tools, Utilities - Single Rider
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - The SmartBlock mounting technology fits all tubular and plastic ATV/4 wheeler racks from 0.5 inch to 1.25 inches. A true custom fit for your gun, soft gun case, bow, handled tool, or any other item using the highly engineered, gun, bow, and utility slots in the V-Grip line of products.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT - This V-Grip Rack features a new and improved tubular and composite rack mounting system that offers effortless installation, unmatched versatility, and a rock solid mounting base. Finger-adjustable knobs allow quick tool-free adjustments when you're on trail.
  • 15 percent larger forks, spline allows fork to rotate 360 degrees
  • SECURED GRIP - The V-Grip design isolates recoil and vibration. This protects your valuable gear while heading out in the field.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials, this two-limb rack offers long-lasting quality that will endure lots of use and reuse.



bottom line

This product is made out of high-quality corrosion-resistant material for extra durability. You will also find the necessary tools to operate this gear with the package.   

6.Kolpin Brand ATV Gun Racks

Kolpin is a well-known brand specialized in making products for ATV. Their variety of products has been well received around the world. Their gun racks are not any different from the other items. Over the years, their heavy-duty carriers for different sized and shaped guns have performed well and truly. These beauties come in different shapes and different builds for various purposes. Some of the light-duty carriers can carry and support many necessary gears other than guns. At the same time, there are racks by Kolpin which can carry over 50 lbs. with its robust built. One of the essential features of these racks is the heavy duty clamps. Mostly made out of molded rubber and nylon, these clamps provide a firm grip and excellent support to your gun. You will find the mounting process very easy as most of these racks can be attached to the tubular rails of your vehicle. Some of these come with the adjustment of 360-degree rotation that can ease your trouble a lot. The Kolpin racks are very lightweight and comforting to operate. Different kinds would serve you differently, and you will definitely be satisfied with the performance. One thing is common, and that is, they work for zero shocks and vibration. The main aim is to protect your gun or other gears, and these racks will perform up to your expectation. 

Kolpin Rhino Grip - Double - 21505, Black
Kolpin Rhino Grip - Double - 21505, Black
Rubber over-molded flexible nylon construction.Fit Type: Universal Fit; Offset configuration to maximize rack space
Kolpin Rhino Grip XL - UTV Roll Bar Mount - 21535,Black
Kolpin Rhino Grip XL - UTV Roll Bar Mount - 21535,Black
Tilts 160° in 40° increments. Base rotates 360°.
Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip - 21540 (Pair), Black
Kolpin Ratcheting Rhino Grip - 21540 (Pair), Black
Up to 15lbs. of carrying strength for your medium-weight gear.Fit Type: Universal; Heavy-duty nylon with inlaid rubber grip texture
Kolpin UTV Gun Rack - 20073,Black
Kolpin UTV Gun Rack - 20073,Black
Vertical in-cab gun rack mounts to UTV Floor; Base Dimensions: 5-1/4" w x 6" front to back
Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro - Universal Mount - 21560,Black
Kolpin Rhino Grip Pro - Universal Mount - 21560,Black
5-Position tooth indexed tool-free tilt-angling with infinite rotation; Includes (2) Heavy-duty rubber straps; Sold as a pair



Buying Guide

What To Look For The Best Gun Racks for Atv?

For making the right choice for the ATV gun rack, there are frequent factors you should consider before making the final purchase. Here In this section, I have detailed the buying guide with the necessary details you need to be careful about or recheck before purchasing your most desired ATV gun rack.


Carrying stuff on ATV rides are pretty challenging because of the continuous har turn riding over the unsmooth, rocky area, which might imbalance the pieces of equipment you are carrying.

Usually, people don’t ride the ATVs on smooth surfaces. While riding the ATV through mountain trails and tracks, you have to make your way through rough and unsmooth terrains, resulting in a bouncy and bumpy ride all along.

That is why it is essential that the rack you are carrying your gun should sustain all the hard turn, bouncy rides, absorb vibration to keep your gun in place. It should be durable and sturdy enough to withstand the continuous bouncing movement while also protecting your gun from sand, rocks, water, dust, etc.


The material of the gun rack is vital as the cheaper quality material tends to break easily. You carry your firearms in your gun racks, so they should be well built to protect the firearm from any damage as well.

It should be resistant to water, corrosion to keep the gun rack damage-free, and also the firearms attached to it. You should also check if it is scratch resistant or not, absorb moisture, shock, and vibration or not. Otherwise, vibration while riding on the rough trails might damage the firearms or displace them.


Many people think it is not that necessary as the other factors. But let me tell you, the weight of your gun rack is one of the most crucial factors to consider while buying an ATV gun rack. The weight measurement depends mostly on the firearm you will be carrying it on.

Before choosing a gun rack, it is essential to know the weight and size of your gun rack so that the gun rack can withstand the weight of your firearm without damaging it.

You can get different weight specifications varieties for the gun racks. Be sure to match the specifications of your firearm and frame. If both do not match, it will increase the chances of either the gun not fitting into the rack properly or breaking the stand altogether.

Style: the style and design ranges of ATV gun racks are too many. What style of gun rack you will choose depends mostly on your preference. Each style of the gun rack has its own conveniences and features.

But you just should not go for the looks and attractive style only. You should prioritize your firearm’s convenience as well. The one which will be more convenient with your gun ensuring proper protection from all the damages, should be the right one for you.

Ease of Use:

There are so many gun racks you can get in the market within so many price ranges and features, but one thing you should never compromise is its functionality. If it takes an immense amount of time to install and to remove, soon you are going to look for another one.

That is why, how you are attaching the mount, if it’s a complicated process or not, or how long it is going to remove the gun from the racks are crucial factors while choosing a selective model or brand. If the process is too complicated and you devise too many ways to get it done, you are just going to exhaust yourself.

By any chance, if you make any mistakes in between the steps, you might have to redo it again from scratch. On the other hand, if the removal process is complicated or your gun does not come off easily, you might end up missing your target. If you are a shooting enthusiast, you must know how every second is crucial and how angling makes the most of the change in this case.

Your gunrack should hold the gun in place while you are on the trail. If it shifts the angle of the gun on rough trails or tracks, or damage the equipment, soon you will have to replace your existing gun rack for your equipment’s safety and protection.


People always tend to look for what more they can get while buying anything. When it comes to accessories and equipment, the expectation is always more.

Nowadays, many ATV gun racks offer multiple versatilities for their racks that make them even more functional and convenient in many ways.

With many of the gun racks, you can also carry other equipment, including fishing rods, farming gadgets, etc., on your trails. You can carry your gun and even a fishing rod to enjoy the trail leisure with your group of friends. In this way, you can have fun in both ways.

Not every people ride ATVs only for hunting. Many people love to explore different trails on ATVs, whereas many use ATVs professionally farms or yards. ATVs gun racks with additional equipment carrier is a great relief for this purpose.

Carrying your shovel kit or other equipment additionally in your gun racks also saves you from buying separate accessories for each piece of equipment on your ATV. You can get a different grip and functional gun racks for carrying multiple pieces of equipment in the gun racks with better grips. Like, clamp gun racks have a universal grip, which makes it possible to mount or carry numerous pieces of equipment in them.


many gun owners have multiple guns, so when they look for the gun racks, they look for the ones that can support multiple guns. Moreover, many gun owners love to carry multiple guns on the trail for better convenience. And attaching multiple racks for individual guns on the ATV is pretty hasslesome.

Nowadays, many gunracks have the adjustability to attach multiple guns. You can also get the ones that are not meant for attaching one type of gun only.

But you also have to be careful so that you don’t exceed the loading capacity of your gun rack. You can carry multiple pieces of equipment on the trail, but make sure there is enough space to carry them. Your gun rack should also be able to handle the load capacity of multiple equipment and keep them steady in the drive through the trail.

Mounting System:

The mounting system of the gun rack is very important as, depending on it, the equipment you load remains safe throughout the whole ride. That is why before buying, you should check the mounting system of the gun rack, how you are required to mount it, where on your vehicle you are going to mount it, etc.

If you are just a beginner, getting a complicated one will only increase your trouble, as I already mentioned before.

If you are not sure about the convenient mounting system of the gun rack, you can simply get one with two clamps. All you have to do is place each clamp parallelly at any distance of your ATV.


The positioning of the equipment carrying in the ATV gun racks is not less important at all. As you will be riding your ATVs on different trails, including rough terrains, hilly tracks, rocky, so how you are placing it, whether horizontally or vertically, is a big concern.

If you get one that places your guns pointed vertically, you can save some space on your ATVs. These types of gun racks mounting require installation a few inches up the ground only. But if it’s pointed towards a vertical position, it enhances the chances of your firearms and equipment get damaged on the trails with the tree branches or rocks.

There are many gun racks that come in enclosed cases to keep your firearms safe, eliminating all types of outside exposures. You can easily attach these types of gun racks with straps usually. Strap system gun racks are generally more manageable compared to the mount and bolt adjusting system.

Level of Protection:

Ensuring the safety and protection of your firearms is one of the core functionality of the ATV gun racks. Almost every gun racks are designed to keep your guns safe and protected from all the rough rides or weather elements.

But you need to extra careful if you love to explore different types of rough trails and tracks. Your gunrack should withstand all the shocks of the bumpy rides. And if you don’t carry your gun case on the ride, just carry it in the gun rack. You will have to check for the ones that offer extra protection for the safety of your firearms.

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Types of the ATV Gun racks

Different gun owners have different requirements for gun racks. Moreover, many gun owners have multiple guns, and eventually, they like to carry more than one gun on the ride. For better convenience and different requirements, there are many types of ATV gun racks available in the market.

There is no particular best gun holder for ATV, as different types of gun racks are suited for different purposes. Every kind of ATV gun holders serve different features and performance and suited for numerous purpose.

Along with benefits, each type has its own disadvantages as well. If you want to get the best gun rack for ATV, you need to have knowledge about what kind of gun holders are suited for which purpose.

Then you can match the requirements with your preference and your firearm and choose the right one according to the given specification.

Individual Clamps:

Gun holders with individual clamps offer maximum versatility for carrying the guns. They are also very light in weight, which makes them easier to carry around, and also don’t put much weight on the ATV. If you attach more equipment and gear onto your ATV, riding it through trails becomes a bit difficult.

This type of gun rack usually comes with multiple clamps, at least two clamps that you can easily mount on your ATV securely wherever you want. With more clamps, it is easier to secure your guns properly, no matter how rough the terrain you choose to ride on.

Clamps and Telescopic Pole:

These types of gun racks come with additional telescopic poles along with the clamp sets. Because of the extra telescopic pole, it is more heavier than the individual clamp style.

Though this type of gun holders are heavier, it allows proper weight distribution of your firearms to keep them right in place. They offer outstanding durability but should be used on a heavier vehicle to withstand the weight of these gun holders.

However, instead of heavier weight, they are designed for easy and quick installation to the vehicle. But its heavyweight also makes it difficult to adjust the way the riders want flexibly.


Vertical gun racks usually hold the guns in the vertical direction. They can be a great space saver on the vehicle.

But the drawback of these kinds is you can only use them on UTVs, not on ATVs. But if you are choosing vertical gun racks for your UTVs, they are convenient for better access and also keeping the firearms on hand.


Case gun racks are designed for extra protection to your firearms as they come in more like an enclosed case for you to carry your guns. Not many people like to go for the hassle of carrying the gun case on the spot. For them, this is the ideal one.

Case gun racks free you from carrying additional bulky gun cases and also protect the firearms from dust, water, sand, etc. it allows the firearms inside the case to absorb outside shocks in a more better way.

Though case racks are very easy to install and allows double protection than the other kinds, these are only suitable for carrying only one firearm inside them.


Ceiling gun racks are constructed in a way to attach them with the ceiling of the vehicles. As ATVs don’t have any ceiling, you cant install these gun racks on your ATVs.

But these are pretty convenient if you are driving with a vehicle with a ceiling. Ceiling gun holders save up a lot of space and secure the firearms in place in a more efficient way where you can focus on your driving instead of checking the gun placement again and again.

Roll Cage:

Usually, gun holders are designed in a way to mount them on the roll cage of the vehicle. You can attach them to specific vehicles.

But mounting the firearms on the rear of the roll cage makes it difficult to access.


How to Attach the ATV gun holders

As I already have mentioned above, different ATV gun holders come with different specifications, functions, and designs. How you are required to install the ATV gun racks depends on other factors as well.

  • The type of the Gun Rack.
  • The vehicle to install it on.

Though nowadays, for better and easier convenience, adjustability, most of the gun racks come with a basic screw mounting process into the right place of the vehicle. Some of the gun racks can also be attached with the straps for a secure place of the firearm.

No matter whichever type of Gun rack you choose for your ATV, check the manual or instruction that comes with it. If you are not sure, you can contact the supplier or also go through video tutorials to get it done right.

Video Credit – Bolt-Action Productions

Why Buy

Why should you buy ATV Gun Rack?

When it comes to accessories and additional equipment, many people ask about the need for it. The best gun racks for ATV will come to use for so many reasons:

  • They will keep your firearms stable no matter how rough the trail is.
  • You can entirely focus on driving and make your way through the trails instead of worrying about your gun placement.
  • Carrying guns in ATV gun racks allows you to remain carefree about the outside elements, including dust, sand, water, etc.

Easy installation and adjusting features allow you to keep your gun, position your guns more manageably.


Inquiries - Frequently Asked Questions

A variety of ATV gun racks are available in the market with so many features, services; it arises confusion among the users as well. Here are some frequently asked questions about the ATV gun racks for you to deciding on the best gun racks for ATV according to your suitability and preference.

Where to install the Gun rack?

The placing of the gun racks depends mostly on the type of gun rack you choose. It always comes in the manual, where the gun rack should be placed best to keep your equipment safe from any damage.

Another thing matters while mounting the gun holder is the type of vehicles you will install it onto. For the ATVs, usually, a gun rack is attached to the handlebar or back storage rack.

For UTVs, it goes up a few inches of the floor or the roll cage.

For Trucks, you can usually attach the gun rack in a different location, as trucks are generally bigger than ATVs and UTVs and offer more spaces. You can mount the gun rack to the roof or in a truck bed, or on the ceiling of the truck.

No matter whichever one you choose, don’t compromise with your convenience and preference. For example, many people like to keep the gun racks in the visible area for easier checking whenever they want. Again, there are some people who think this might cause them a distraction while driving.

So it’s entirely up to your preference and suitability where you want to install your gunrack. But it would be best to keep in mind that no matter where you mount your gun racks, it should allow better access and not defocus you from driving.

How many guns can I carry in the gun rack?

Different gun racks come with a different design. Many ATV gun racks offer to carry multiple guns at the same time. At the same time, many can only hold single firearms. Some of the gun racks also provide additional capacity, including fishing rods, shovels, etc., with firearms.

Please go through the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly about how much equipment it is designed to carry and also the weight load and capacity of the gun rack without damaging the guns.

Because your gun rack will not last long and tend to damage if you overload it with too much equipment.

Can I attach my ATV gun rack to other ATVs?

Yes, you can do it. But you will have to redo the process again. And while transferring the gun holder to the other ATV, it might loosen the fittings of the screws.

ATv gun holders that are mounted with screws can be attached to other ATVs quickly, following the same process of mounting the screws and bolts to the other ATV. But be very careful while unscrewing them to not to lose any of the parts.

Final Verditc


You can get multiple designs and specifications for ATV gun racks in different price ranges. It depends mostly on your preference and suitability what type of ATV gun rack will serve you best.

To make the right choice of the best gun racks for ATV, you need to know the details and specifications each type of gun racks offer and are suitable for. When you know what specifications you should look for, where you should focus more on, it becomes easier to make the right decision. It allows you to make the best out of your budget.


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